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Bataan Peninsula & Province Capital – Balanga City The Peninsula shares a coastline with the South China Sea to the west, Manila Bay to the east and Subic Bay to the north-west. You can see the mountains through the haze from Roxas Boulevard in Manila, and features as the background for the Manila Bay Sunset! Unfortunately famous for the American and Filipino stand against the invading Japanese in WWII, and the infamous Bataan Death March that followed for the captured Allied POW’s. Memorials line the route to the San Fernando (Pampanga) railhead where the survivors of the march were loaded into wagons to be taken to Capas (Tarlac) to be marched again to internment at Camp O’Donell. A memorial to the bravery of the Allied troops (Shine of Valor) stands on Mount Samat. On the east side of the mountain in Pilar you will find Luzon's longest zip-line. Also known for the controversy over the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (now on the local tourist attraction list), which was built but never operated due to concerns over the seismic and volcanic activities of the area. Mariveles on the southern tip is home to the Bataan Economic Zone, which can be reached by a 40 minute ferry journey from Manila. Mariveles is also the site of the km 0 Death March Marker. The west coast of Bataan is known locally for it's white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters, and is where you will find Montemar Beach Resort in Bagac. Bagac is also the home of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, a heritage park built by Jose Acuzar who has rescued Spanish Colonial buildings from around the Philippines, and transplanted them stone by stone to this 400 hectare park. The beachside resort has a restaurant, swimming pool and calesa rides to fit into this historic atmosphere.